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The Yearning Voices Foundation hosts the 2nd East Africa Youth Empowerment Forum on Peace & Security

The Yearning Voices Foundation hosts the 2nd   East Africa Youth Empowerment Forum on Peace & Security

The Yearning Voices Foundation on 21st September 2018 hosted the 2nd   East Africa Youth Empowerment Forum on Peace & Security which brought together government ministers, senior officials, young leaders, and youth workers from across the  Greatlakes region.

The high-level forum, held annually, Africa was blessed with a lot of natural resources, good weather conditions that support all economic activities, its traditional culture that is admired worldwide with a lot of values. All these are opportunities for Africa’s development. However, African people have not appreciated and embraced these opportunities in Africa. They have remained disunited, radicalized in the line of tribes and religion. Time has come for African youth to take lead of creating the Africa they want. We should actively participant in the peaceful and development process in Africa. Embrace the African agenda 2063, the Sustainable Development Goals which both put youth participation.

According to the forum coordinator, Elly Kasirye, With support from local peace ambassadors, regional dialogues have been held across the country as a way of reaching out to a wider audience and enhance chances of having young people upcountry engage in the campaign and attend the East African Youth Empowerment Forum on Peace and Security in Africa.

School going young people have been enganged in-school debates with focus on topics locally generated will be organized with much more emphasis to outcomes and way forward that will all be shared

The theme of the meeting was Youth as key actors for peace and security in Africa,’. It enabled senior government officials and stakeholders to share good practices, forge new partnerships and agree shared priorities for a peace and non-violent society..

This was a very unique opportunity for the youth of the East African countries, Uganda in particular since the discussions were sought to highlight the state of peace and security in East Africa and means to combat violent extremisms, radicalization and youth unemployment

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